Wine and cheese are fermentation products and their aromas are created due to their fermentation, maturation and their maintenance. When cheese proteins  meet wine tannins, they reduce the astringent sensation and bitter taste, with the result that their combination is not only desirable but also necessary! In addition, the percentage of sweet ingredients in cheese, which are amino acids produced during the breakdown of proteins in the maturation stage, is the main criterion for which wine matches which cheese.

The categories of cheeses are as unlimited as those of wines. At a glance, however, we can categorize, very simply, which cheese matches which wine.

If we classify cheeses and wines by the date they are made, we can say that fresh wines are more suitable for white cheeses. Mild white cheeses such as manouri, cream cheese or Mozzarella want mild white wines. The more spicy and salty our cheese is, the more intense the taste and acidity of the wine we should be looking for. A classic example is the feta with retsina! Great combination.

The most mature wines go well with white mature cheeses and as the maturation process involves barrels, sticks and various other ingredients that fill it with aromas, so the cheeses should be special, smoky and intense.

Intense salty cheeses require wines with high acidity, while those rich in body red want greasy yellow cheeses.

As with white wines, aged red wines require aged yellow cheeses, while sparkling wines require creamy varieties.

Another variety of cheeses that is very interesting is the blue cheeses which are extremely combined with dessert wines (sweets). The combination of salty and sweet is excellent and has its own interest.

If you are a wine lover, we are waiting for you at Yialos, to make combinations that will offer your palate unique experiences and delicious pleasures.