Yialos Wine Restaurant

West of Rethymnon, at the edge of the city, the refurbished Yialos wine restaurant, in a cosy and welcoming seaside location, welcomes you from morning till late at night to enjoy our range of flavours in a gourmet tasting tour.

Dishes, inspired by the gastronomic tradition of Crete and the rest of Greece, as well as small flavour touches of the Mediterranean, combined with exceptional raw materials picked carefully by the Yialos cooking team, through our gastronomic rambling not only all over Greece but also in countries such as Italy, Spain, Peru, and Mexico.

Amvrakikos prawns, Libyan fish, black garlic, Aeginitic pistachios of the Petra family, the black pig from the Saravas farm, the wild garlic (arkoudoskordo) rich in ten times the benefits of the ordinary garlic, the Cretan cave aged gruyere cheese, the San Mihalis cheese of Syros, the phyllo dough Hatziparaschos, the mullet bottagra of Stefos, the curacao pearls, the rich variety of mushrooms collected all over the Mediterranean, Costis’ urban lamb sausage , lambs grown in the mountains and the Madaryan oregano are some of the products of our delicious flavour pallet that you can taste and see in our showcase.

Of course, in Yialos restaurant, you can also find the evoo olive oil display bar for you to choose from a fine variety of olive oil to accompany your flavour experience.

In our worthy of being visited wine cellar, you can find wine of exceptional quality, from Greek vineyards, old but also new labels. the traditional «tsipouro» and «tsikoudia» are waiting to be matched to our dishes for rich flavour, to enhance the dining experience.

For guests who do not wish to dine, there is always the possibility of a drink, a cold or sweet dish indoors or outdoors.

The captain of Yialos and the crew promise to have one of the finest gastronomic navigations both on land and at sea.