Yialos Wine Restaurant is pleased to provide you with a superb selection of olive oil to complement your dining experience. Cretans crush entire olives to create olive oil, which they use as a dipping for bread, to sprinkle over pasta, to cook with, and as a salad dressing. The Olive Oil Bar at Yialos Wine Restaurant is a place where you can learn about some of Crete’s greatest extra virgin olive oils, blended with natural Cretan flavours that make for a unique tasting experience. To complement your gourmet meal, we encourage you to select from a broad range of over fifty awarded Greek olive oils. From spicy rich olive oils, to fragrant fruity olive oils, there is an olive oil to match your taste. The Olive Oil Bar at Yialos Wine Restaurant represents the excellent condition of the country's olive oil and links it to the greatest gourmet experience it has to offer.

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